Data Art Northern Ireland

… it’s a community of technologists, artists, policy makers and other creatives that regularly come together to show, tell and learn about the collision of Data and Art.

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Data Rocks; Art Rolls

Learn about visualisation techniques, data aggregation, and where to get data sources to create, inform, and excite.

“The current quantitative explosion of digital data streams requires new ways for this information to be visualized. The processing of the research, retrieval, storage and analysis of this data is still an emerging sector, but it provides work for evaluation and analysis specialists, as well as for artists. Processing this extremely complex and diversified data is responsible for a brand new economic sector emerging in the field of information technology, along with new forms of artistic creation.” - Techcrunch 2016


Data People + Art People = Magic People

We’re still scheduling these, so bear with us and join the Meetup Group

Bringing people together to share and discuss their experiments and experiences is key to making structural changes to the world around us.

Data Art NI is running meetups across Northern Ireland to bring the tech, creative, and public policy sectors together, so share their successes, failures, experiments and experiences, in order to build a shared understanding of how we can make the world, if not a better place, at least a more informed one!

Data Art has been operating as a community-run meetup group since 2017, mostly based in Farset Labs, Belfast.

Thanks to the support of the Department of Finances OpenDataNI Advocacy fund, we want to take the show on the road!

Venues and partners we plan on working with include:

If you’d like to host Data Art NI in your venue, please get in touch with us at

(Also if you’d like to collaborate on running a local chapter of DataArt in your area…)


Getting Data-Art Done

We’re also still scheduling these, so bear with us and join the Meetup Group for announcements and discussions

Meetups are only part of the puzzle; we need to learn how to handle the different facets of “Data Art”, and that takes more than a cursory presentation…

Farset Labs are hosting a series of technical and creative workshops to upskill technologists, creatives, and passionate amateurs in targeted capabilities to enable the acquisition, exploration, augmentation, and visualisation of data in one way or another.

This could (depending on interest displayed) include sessions on topics such as:

  • Programming for Data Analysis
  • Embedded IoT for sensor acquisition and data visualisation
  • Machine Learning and Statistics
  • Geospatial Techniques and Analysis
  • Real-time Visualisation and Sonification
  • Typography and Graphic Design Fundamentals
  • Colour Theory and Interactive Visual Arts Design
  • 3D Design / Game Development
  • Physical Programming (aka Knitting and Crocheting)

But we want to listen to you! And we’ll be planning out the workshops with partners based on feedback recieved from the Meetups.


Crunch time… with less crunch

We’re also also still scheduling these, so bear with us and join the Meetup Group for announcements and discussions

Over the past years, Hackathons have become the ‘de-rigueur’ way of engaging with the technology community to showcase some technology, problem, or task to be crowdsourced or socialised, usually in exchange for an .

Rather than running a big, high end, one-off, 24 hour crunch-time hackathon, we are running a quarterly series of hackathons instead, all with the thread around the cleaning, use, analysis and ‘artification’ of open data to inform and excite.

This provides time to really understand processes, projects and experiments, and also for relevant data owners in local government to be able to react and engage with the data-user community through platforms like OpenDataNI, and provide space to get real projects off the ground and make real change in our communities.


Creative Collisions and getting out of your comfort zone

One of our team, Andrew Bolster, gave a talk at the Northern Ireland Developers Conference about his experiences playing at the intersection between “Tech” and “Art”; challenging the technology community to stretch their horizons to the creative and public sectors - Transcript

Being a founding member of Farset Labs, a trustee at Vault Artist Studios, and a facilitator at Digital Arts Studios, he was able to share some of the “creative collisions” he’s come across; from using VR technologies to enable creative expression for disabled musicians, empowering artists to use electronics to connect their art to the wider world, and using science data to drive policy and political engagement.